Friday, April 11, 2008


I created a social networking on the Ning (2nd Life Librarians)

The site


Once again for me I don't see myself using this site.



I was easy to create. I don't see myself using this.
I don't have anyone I know who really uses this. Unitl my neices or nephews get older enough
to do I probably won't. But by that time there will be something else.


I found a great Youtube cast by Julie Andrew discussing the importance of libraries.
Her fond memories of visiting libraries when she was young.

The video is at

I also find an another video that I could not pass up. It it sooooo cute with a young girl
named Zoei Toh she is 2 years 8 months old. She is singing The Lord's Prayer

Below you will find the address to the video I watched

Sharon Clark


After attempting 5 times to listen to a podcast. I was not able to open & listen to any of them.
Each time I tried it would lock up my computer and I had to restart eveything.

I have not been impressed with the podcast system.

I have even had several Blue 2.0 people try to help me. We have not been successful in getting one to open & play.

Please give credit for trying.



Just created my Flickr account and posted a picture of an unusal flower.
The picture is at

I can see where Flickr could be used to highlight activities that take place at the library on just on campus. Since students use flickr I'm sure they search by subject either place, person or event.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I created my pbwiki after a few problems.
1) bouncing email & 2) slow confirmation of the account.

I can see using this a private reciepe list of what you want to keep in one place.

Here is my link